The Board of Directors

Each year The BC Farm Museum holds it’s Annual General Meeting in November. At these meetings the Executive and Directors are voted on. The BC Farm Museum held their AGM at the Milner Chapel Hall, where the new board of Directors were voted in.
We would also like to say “Thank you” to all of our volunteers for all the many hours of work you put in to the running and upkeep of The BC Farm Museum.

This year, 2019, the board of Directors are:-

Back Left ;? ? ?
George?Muller, Laurie Griffiths, Mike Prangnell, Tony Wheeler, Syd Pickerell, Henry Schaafsma, John Bekkers, Harry VanGenderen,

Sitting Left;     
Wally Dick, Karen Long, Jim Mair, Debbie Dolton, Hilary Ruffini, Shelly Broeckx

(not shown) Fred Pepin


Treasurer – Henry Schaafsma, Vice President – Karen Long, Recording Secretary – Debbie Dolton, President – Jim Mair


For 2018 the membership of the association would like to thank Janice Pickerell for her many years of service as a board member as we see her step down this year.

This year, 2018, the board of Directors were:-

Back Left ;        Syd Pickerell, Harry VanGenderen, John Bekkers, Mike Zink, Tony Wheeler, Mike Prangnell, Laurie Griffiths.

Sitting Left;      Fred Pepin, Hilary Ruffini, Wally Dick,


Treasurer – Henry Schaafsma, Vice President – Jim Mair, Recording Secretary – Karen Long, President – Todd Davidson

(not shown) George Muller